In Today’s Tight Job Market, What Will Give You a Strategic Edge in Hiring the CFO You Seek?

The right CFO will help you boost growth and profits. Joining forces with Arnold Partners will give you the advantage you need to attract top talent to your team.

Arnold Partners is the leading, independent CFO/Board search firm for technology companies. Our fierce determination to find the right fit for you and your team is unrivaled. With a proven track record with leading technology companies and deep domain knowledge of the CFO role, we are your strategic weapon for a successful search. Our focused approach creates more accurate and lasting results, and our process is proven to be faster to completion than the industry.

If you are seeking a CFO or Audit Committee member, Arnold Partners is the one resource for you, nationwide. Our transparent search platform allows our clients 24/7 access tothe search progress. We complete client assignments that result in direct contributions to growth and profitability for our clients. We are all about creating immediate and lasting value. Contact us to discuss your specifications today and let’s get to work.

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When to Hire a CFO? At Each Stage of Growth

Recently my friendly competitor and colleague  Cliff Scheffel published a white paper titled, “When is the right time for a tech startup to hire a CFO?” What I really liked about his report, which was co-written by Jeff Epstein of Bessemer Ventures, is that it gives analytical support to what a

How to Find the Right CFO, the Right Way, Right Away

My CEO clients are always asking me, “How long will this search take, Dave?” By industry standards, an executive-level search takes between four and five months to complete, on average. This is backed by search industry statistics, as well as data from our project management software provider, C

paramit_small_logo This middle-market P/E-backed specialty manufacturing company had been looking for a CFO on their own for nine months without success when one of their board members suggested Arnold Partners. Within a few weeks we had a slate of excellent candidates. The lead private equity investor said these candidates were by far the best CFOs he had met over the entire process. Fortunately, when our lead candidate backed out because of a relocation issue, we had a very strong back-up who was local and fit the bill perfectly. Arnold Partners filled a big hole in the management team with a strong operationally-oriented CFO to help drive both top line growth and improved internal processes.
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cloud-cruiserCloud Cruiser is a visionary and forward-thinking Silicon Valley SaaS hybrid cloud analytics company that helps businesses meter, track and manage costs. The company was very early stage when the CEO decided it was time to move from a part-time consulting CFO to a full-time business partner. After an exhaustive search, Arnold Partners delivered an ideal candidate who had taken his previous company from pre-revenue through an IPO and eventual sale. He was the unique candidate who wanted to take on the risk of a true start-up, not just parachute in for an imminent exit. The CEO described him as: “A missionary, not a mercenary!” Happy client, happy CFO!
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fractalBoston-based Fractyl Labs is in an enviable position with their technology and their team. As they surveyed their financing options, almost everyone they spoke with was bullish about their story. Given this, the CEO and board decided it was time to bring on a CFO to help drive a readiness plan for all options. Arnold Partners delivered the “Moneyball” candidate, as the key board member described her. Having recently completed an IPO at her previous company as the number two finance executive, she has all the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate any direction that Fractyl wants to go. Still a small company, they now have the perfect person who is hands-on and strategic.
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