Board Recruitment

Finding the right individual to join your board is of the utmost importance when you have an open seat or a newly created need. You can rely on our Audit Committee Chair board recruitment expertise to help round out your board with the optimal mix of qualifications, experience, expertise, and diversity you need to support your strategic direction forward. Arnold Partners has an extensive CEO, CFO and Director network of industry leaders. Our immediate access to top CFO and CEO thought leaders is a key advantage when conducting Board search. We will work closely with you through the board recruitment process to identify and attract potential candidates that have a track record for improving shareholder value. Our knowledge of board dynamics and our diligence in search will expedite the board recruitment process. Our track record of 100% completed CFO searches reflects our expertise and commitment to our clients. We bring an unparalleled energy to our board recruitment. Our process is driven from the start by understanding the corporate strategy and direction of the company, and learning what specific areas need to be augmented in the make-up of the board. From this foundation, we jointly arrive at a specific target list of companies and potential candidates which we then prioritize for the search. We present only those candidates of the highest quality that exceed the specification.

Board Recruitment Services for U.S.-Based Organizations

director recruitmentWe conduct board recruitment for Directors for U.S.-based public and private organizations, with a particular focus on the Audit Chair role for companies preparing to go public or those that already are public. Different types of companies have different board requirements. Given the high corporate governance standards and liability exposure of public companies, start-ups in the pre-IPO phase have to prepare to shift to a board that will meet the requirements of a public company. Our board recruitment service can help start-ups successfully make this transition. Many times we are working with you to attract your first independent board member, which will raise many questions including compensation requirements, conflict of interest issues, liability concerns and equitable stock grants. With our professional network and extensive search experience we will quickly help find the answers to these issues and more so we can move ahead with confidence.

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