New Tech Tools Make Your CFO Search Run like Clockwork

We have incorporated into our search process an interactive, shared workspace application created by Clockwork Recruiting that keeps your project moving efficiently and transparently.

Here’s an overview of how it works.

Build strategy

Once we have clarified your objectives and all key factors relating to your search, Arnold Partners develops and posts the position specification and search strategy to the workspace.


Once the specifics are set and a strategy agreed to, Arnold Partners digs into our own deep pool of relationships to uncover appropriate potential candidates. In addition, we have research associates to help increase the number of potential target candidates. The sheer bulk of this effort is visible in a simple pie chart format in the shared workspace. (Our researchers do not do direct out-reach to candidates, those functions are only done by our principal, Dave Arnold.)


Present and review candidates, capture feedback & make selection 

Your search project is secure in the cloud and accessible to only you and Arnold Partners. You have 24/7 access to viewing candidate profiles, resumes and work history, etc. Centralizing and capturing your communication with Arnold Partners in one place results in a faster process with full visibility along the way.







Get Updates on Demand
and Status Reports

Log in and see recent updates highlighted so you’ll know what’s changed since your last visit. The detailed, streamlined reports you receive before the Weekly Status Call will make the Call more productive and efficient.