info-graphicArnold Partners’ Strategic CFO Search Process

New shared online workspace:

To offer you full transparency in every phase of the search process, we have incorporated an innovative platform created by Clockwork Recruiting. We will create and share an online workspace for your search that will give you real-time access to key information including candidates, resumes, research, assessments and more.  You can easily review all of the information in one place, provide your feedback and interact with Arnold Partners. By integrating the Clockwork platform into our process, it makes it possible to always know where we are in the search, and because of the powerful reporting capabilities, weekly update calls are more efficient.

Consultative meetings:

The process begins with a conversation about how we work together as a team to find, recruit and secure the best CFO or senior financial professional for your firm.

Understanding your company and its culture:

In this phase, Arnold Partners gains a clear understanding of your company, its vision and goals, and its culture and values. We typically meet with the CEO, his/her key direct reports, and a sub-section of the Board of Directors who will be involved in the decision making process. We gather information about the technological drivers of your company, where have you been and where are you headed, the strategy you are employing to get there, the distinctive cultural qualities of your company, and the dynamics of the Board.

clarifyingClarifying your specifications:

Next we discuss with you the skills, qualities, experience and background of the ideal candidate, and the specific objectives for the CFO or financial professional in the first three to six months.


Arnold Partners then drafts a specification unique to your needs and posts it to the online workspace. The document serves as a marketing document for prospective candidates and as an initial vehicle to screen prospective candidates.

Candidate presentation process:

Once we are in alignment regarding who we are looking for, we search our existing candidate database and do outreach to new potential candidates through our extensive network to identify qualified professionals. We post the candidates information, qualifications and other research findings on  workplace for your review and feedback. We then thoroughly interview the top candidates in person and share our findings on the workspace. The next step is setting up interviews for you. Arnold Partners is proud of our track record for diligently recruiting, assessing and presenting qualified, attractable candidates until the search is successfully completed.

Client interviews and feedback:

As you meet the candidates, timely feedback from both parties is critical to the successful CFO search process. We will debrief and provide honest input to you via the workspace and to candidates. This information exchange helps us hone in on the standout qualities you seek. And the feedback you receive can be a valuable window into how you are perceived.

Reference checking:

We always check the references of our final candidate thoroughly, and use our extensive network to look beyond the obvious with some due diligence. We also provide background check services through a third party.

Offer and acceptance

happy-candidateWe work closely with you to draft a fair and acceptable offer. In negotiating the offer, we find it very helpful to broker the details to keep any semblance of strain out of the CEO – CFO relationship. Since we are focused on CFOs and have many years of first hand experience in the financial industry, we understand the nuances of compensation and employment contracts.

Follow up:

We stay in close touch with you during the first several months following a placement. We anticipate that the key objectives for your CFO will be documented, and Arnold Partners will follow up with you to make sure these objectives are being met. For more information about Arnold Partners, see FAQ