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In Today’s Tight Job Market, What Will Give You a Strategic Edge in Hiring the CFO You Seek?

Arnold Partners is the leading, independent CFO search firm for technology companies. Our fierce determination to find the right fit for you and your team is unrivaled. With a proven track record with leading technology companies and deep domain knowledge of the CFO role, we are your strategic weapon for a successful CFO search. Our focused recruitment approach creates more accurate and lasting results, and our process is proven to be faster to completion than the industry.

If you are seeking a CFO or Audit Committee member, Arnold Partners is the one resource for you, nationwide. Our transparent search platform allows our clients 24/7 access to the search progress. We complete client assignments that result in direct contributions to growth and profitability for our clients. We are all about creating immediate and lasting value. Contact us to discuss your specifications today and let’s get to work.

Latest News for Arnold Partners:

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  • April 2017:, Dave Arnold guides CFOs on market conditions in Silicon Valley as a panel speaker at
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Successful On-Boarding in the C-suite

Successful On-Boarding in the C-suite

Successful On-Boarding in the C-suite In celebrating the end of another successful year here at Arnold Partners, I gave thought to what happens once we shake off the satisfaction of completing a search, and the real work begins for our clients and placed candidates....

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