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Focus, tenacity, transparency, harnessing AI Technology plus an incredible network

How do we do it?  Fierce determination to find the right fit + we listen and respond to your needs + deep domain knowledge of the CFO role + extensive network.

If you are ready to embark on a CFO search or Audit Committee member search, Arnold Partners is the one resource for you, nationwide. Contact us to discuss your specifications today and let’s get to work on day one.

Cala CEO
Renee Ryan

“Dave Delivered. I told him we needed a consumer electronics CFO. He found an exceptional one.”

Jenavalve CEO John Kilcoyne

“Dave Delivered. We made a great hire in a prompt and professional manner.”

Fred Khosravi
Imperative Care CEO/Founder

“Dave Delivered. Again and again and again. CFO, VP Finance, Audit Chair. Wow.”