Arnold Partners board recruitment

By leveraging 23+ years of financial recruiting and working with leading venture and public company investors, we offer a unique and compelling ability to help your company attract a financial expert to your Board of Directors. We specialize in attracting Audit Committee members and Audit Chairs to pre-public and public companies.

Our “Moonshot” approach to Audit Committee search stands apart. When meeting with prospective clients about Director search, we determine the leading companies in their specific industry sector and the standout thought leaders within those companies.

By doing this homework upfront, our target list of potential Directors is fully composed of those people who would be a significant addition to our client’s brain trust. Our target list is really a list of the captains of industry who would make immediate and lasting impact on the business strategy and execution for our clients. The named Director will turn heads upon appointment.

We look forward to speaking with you about your specific situation and to launching a moonshot approach to deliver exceptional results for your organization.

Contact us now to discuss your objectives for Director recruitment or Audit Chair recruitment.