Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About Arnold Partners and our Senior Financial Executive search process
How long has Arnold Partners been in business?

AP has been 100% focused on placing CFOs since 2009. Dave has been in executive search since 1998 and in the recruiting industry since 1990. As of  2020 we are providing Board of Director recruitment services.

How current is your network of CFOs?

We meet 3 to 4 CFOs every week and communicate with our network frequently to further develop those relationships. Our LinkedIn profile is in the top .05% in terms of views per month of all recruiters in the US.

Do you have capacity to take on a new client?

We contractually limit the number of active searches we work on at any given time to a maximum of four. Please contact us and we can discuss your needs and timing.

What differentiates Arnold Partners from other search firms?

We have found that listening deeply to understand our client’s needs, hard work, and honesty and an extensive network of top-tier CFOs, gets the job done better than flashy claims. We have the numbers to back up our track record of success: Our CFO placement rate since 2009 is 30% higher than the industry average (96.5 vs 75%).

What is your track record of providing a diversity of candidates?

As of January 2020, we have placed 71 CFOs and 17 of those were female. That is almost double the national average in terms of gender diversity for technology companies (17% vs. 10%).

What geographical areas do you cover?

We have completed searches from Boston to San Diego and New York to Boise, ID.

What would prevent you from taking on a client?

We require that a few things are in place: An independent Board, a collaborative relationship with the CEO, and financial solvency. We broadly focus on technology companies from Biotech to Hardware and every Tech niche in between.

I am a CFO looking to make a change confidentially. How do I work with you?

When working with Arnold Partners your confidentiality is assured.