CFO Search Firms: Quality vs. Quantity

CFO Search Firms: Quality vs. Quantity

qualWhat are the most important factors when embarking on a CFO search? More importantly, what are the most important qualities you should look for when selecting from CFO search firms to help you hire a CFO? Three quantitative measures are frequently cited as the most important: time to completion, longevity of the placement, and re-placement rate.  I’ll give you my perspective on these measures based on many years as a CFO search consultant.

CFO search begins with a clear target

The process for a CFO search, or any search for that matter, must begin with a very clear understanding of what you are searching for. Fortunately when it comes to CFOs and Audit Chair Directors, the definitions are usually pretty crisp. Nonetheless, there are critical subtleties in the definitions for CFOs, the culture of each company is different from that of another, and the blind spots of CEOs will differ. These considerations must be weighed and sorted, so at kick-off we have a strong, common understanding of the specific must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Because of our long-time focus on the financial function, helping clients define what is needed in the role is second nature to Arnold Partners. We act as a management consultant specializing in executive search, adding value from day one, even in the pre-search process. The average time it has taken us to complete searches in the last year is just under three months, proof positive that this value creation also has the benefit of saving time as well.

Watch out for too much speed

bestSpeed in search is important to most clients at the onset because some event is pending, or the client realizes that the decision to hire a CFO should have been made months before. Perhaps a budget was blown, or a market shift could have been anticipated if there had been a CFO in the seat.  But moving too fast may result in a hire that doesn’t stick. Then you are back to the drawing board. After digging back into all of the CFO searches I have completed, I am proud to report that the average tenure of the CFOs I have placed is 38 months. This includes a number of placements where the companies ended up getting acquired in fairly short order. Of those companies that have not been acquired and are still in operation, the average tenure is 48 months. These CFOs are sticking in place because time was correctly invested, unlike some other CFO search firms who rush through the process.

So the averages are good, what about the mistakes?

Nothing is more demoralizing and costly than a bad hire. A bad executive hire is even worse. Can you expect success on every search? You can if you choose the right firm. To date, Arnold Partners has a 100% success rate, meaning the CFO was in place for a minimum of a year.  We have been rehired to conduct replacement searches twice – once after the CFO was on the job for three years but developed a health issue, and once because the client moved from Seattle to the Bay Area.  As we guarantee our work for a year, we are proud to say we have not had to employ that guarantee.

In Sum

All CFO search firms should have a score card on these three measures.  If you like our top marks for quality, speed, and longevity, call me, Dave Arnold at 408-205-7373 or email moc.srentrapdlonra@evad.

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Successful CFO Placement for OCZ Technologies

Investors: Public, Stage: Public with significant challenges.

OCZ (Nasdaq: OCZT) is going through major changes. After a CEO succession, a new CFO was also needed. This difficult assignment needed to be handled with tenacity and a deep tap into the local CFO network. The company is now off to a new set of successes.

Auxogyn CFO Placement

Investors: Kleiner Perkins, TPG. Stage: Commercial launch

This ground breaking imaging software company is revolutionizing the IVF market. With a marketing focused CEO, the BOD and CEO needed a strong number two to help support their rapid growth and expected IPO path. We delivered!

CFO for Successfully Placed

Investors, Reid Hoffman, Omidyar Networks, Stage: Rapid Global Growth

The highly regarded Kiva organization had been seeking a CFO for over two years when they turned to Arnold Partners for help. We helped streamline the criteria and process and helped them attract a true winner to support their growth.

CFO Hired at Adaptive Planning

Investors: Norwest, RBC, Onset Stage: Rapid Growth

World’s number one business intelligence SaaS company was seeking a CFO who could help drive their growth. Unique role since the products they sell are used by CFO’s. Needed to satisfy a long list of requirements from a very demanding CEO.