The Silicon Valley Business Journal ranked Arnold Partners #10 for number of placements (11) made by executive search firms in the Bay Area for 2014. The firm, which specializes in CFO searches and Board searches, was ranked #23 in 2013.

An active venture investor and client told me about a conversation at a board meeting he recently attended. The question was asked, “Does anyone know any CFO recruiters?” Everyone around the table said yes, but not anyone they would use again! This is where the growth and success of Arnold Partners differentiates us from other executive search firms. All of our clients in 2014 (and continuing in 2015) were from previous client relationships. Whether it is a relationship with an investor, former CEO or CFO, we maintain our standing in the marketplace because we consistently deliver results.

The new rankings of the Business Journal are all about integrity. Many of the firms listed in previous years did not submit their placements for 2014 because for the first time the Journal validated the numbers. For each placement we had to submit the actual client name and the person we placed. But no problem for Arnold Partners; we have nothing to hide. We never inspired to be the biggest firm—in fact our small size is part of our appeal. But we do what we say we will do, and in looking back we are proud of our results and are happy to share them.

Arnold Partners Track Record for Placements Continues

We are on track to perform as well this year as we did last. The market in Silicon Valley remains very active for CFO recruiters and the supply of top talent does not seem to be getting any easier to find.  The market does not seem to be overly frothy as some are speculating. It seems to us that the market is healthy across a wide spectrum of industries with real revenue and real customers and real growth. We are engaged in searches from manufacturing, SaaS, BitCoins, Medical Devices and Biotech and the Internet of Things.

Our laser focus on CFO and Audit Committee search results in timely searches with lasting results, and we are committed to taking on a limited number of searches at any given time. As a result, the name Arnold Partners is being bantered about in more and more board rooms when there’s discussion about what executive search executive to call. We thank our clients for the trust you show in us. We value our relationships with you above all else.

Here’s to a great 2015 for us all,