The quick exit of Anthony Scaramucci as the Whitehouse communications director was the catalyst for this article on how long should one stay at a company if you hope to still have an effective resume. The question isn’t an easy one to answer to in an effort to get the best answer possible Dr. Tracey Wilen, author of Employed For Life: 21st Century Career Trends and Dave Arnold, who runs the executive search firm Arnold Partners, LLC were asked to provide their advise. Arnold calls it “a balancing act of tenure and time past.” They suggest that the standard isn’t what it used to be and that maybe the “minimum” time required to list a job isn’t quite as long as you think it might be.

Click here to go to LEVO and read what Dr. Wilen and Dave recommend in terms what job length is “good enough” to still have an effective resume and what to do about moving forward.

Already read it? Check out Dave’s advice on How to Get on a Board of Directors – a job that is definitely worth keeping on your CV. Being on the other side of the hiring process in this situation can be just as tough. If you spot a job on a candidate’s CV that stands out to you as being too short, don’t be too quick to rule the them out. It is entirely possible that the person was a poor fit with the previous company but a great fit with yours. Whether or not they’ve lasted longer at their jobs than Scaramucci did at his, Dave has some excellent guidance on differentiating between a great “On Paper” CFO and a great CFO. You can find that guidance on his post: A Great CFO Hire on Paper vs. a Great CFO Hire: A Tale of Two Clients.