latimes…”It’ll definitely turn some heads,” said David Arnold, president of Arnold Partners, a Los Gatos, Calif., executive search firm. He said he placed three Wall Street CFOs in the same roles at tech companies just last year. “There’s something going on.”

The balance of power between Wall Street and Silicon Valley shifted another degree westward.

Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Morgan Stanley, is leaving to take the same job at Google Inc., a symbolically significant move by a high-profile Wall Street executive — and one of the financial industry’s most prominent women.

Porat’s move after 28 years at the white-shoe banking firm surprised both the high-tech and the high-finance worlds, and observers said it signaled deeper shifts between the two sectors.

Porat will start her new job May 26, reporting to Google’s chief executive and co-founder, Larry Page.

Read the article by Dean Starkman about the new CFO of Google in the Los Angeles Times.

Dave Arnold has plenty to say about a wide range of other CFO-related topics. The new CFO of Google having a non-tech background could be a sign of them preparing to shift their brand, a topic that Dave discusses in more detail in his Reinventing Your Brand for CFOs post. In fact, here at Arnold Partners we have a history of connecting tech companies with CFOs that maybe the companies didn’t consider in the first place, helping both them and the candidates to create a powerful relationship that allows both to succeed. Dave learns from masters of all different business industries including the culinary industry, as you can see in his Secrets from a Chef post.

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